Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There's Living, and there's Surviving...

...and until March of this year, I was surviving. With a 2 month old, a 2 year old, a husband who works (cough, cough) 80 hrs per week (I wish), I was happy to be surviving. Living wasn't even an option for me at that point. Family is 375 miles away, I might add. I was barely getting through the day and there were days I would cry, because I was so tired, so lonely, and bottom line feeling sorry for myself. Adeyln is a WONDERFUL blessing, and Paisley is our angel, but it was not my plan to have 2 babies in 2 years, and if you put the two of these little joys together, you have one exhausted Momma. I found myself going back to work at 8 weeks post-pardum (after a c-section) mostly so I could feel a bit normal again. It worked a little, but I still needed something. I felt terrible health wise, on top of being exhausted, and was still holding on to 20 lbs of baby weight, and wearing maternity pants. Yes, I said it. How embarrassing! One day I left work in tears because I knew what the afternoon held. An energetic 2 year old ready to go go go, and a 2 month old that needed me equally, and I felt like a terrible mother. I also felt like I *use to be* a great Mom, and now I was surviving. Just getting through the day. What a tragedy for my girls, and for me, really.

That's when I decided something had to be done. I had heard about a nutrition program that sounded pretty good, but I wasn't sure I was up for the challenge. Advocare's 24 day challenge that is. A time where you eat "clean" (no processed foods, sugary foods, white starches, etc) while eating lots of proteins, vegetables, nuts, fruits, taking vitamins, omega oils, probiotics, doing a gentle cleanse, and drinking a nutrient rich energy drink. I am a sugar a holic and I knew this would be sooo hard for me. However, I was unhappy with how things were going and needed a change. I ordered my 24 day challenge (for nursing Moms) that week, and started my challenge on Friday, March 1st.

That following Sunday night, after starting Advocare on Friday, I sat down on the couch after putting both girls to bed and said to Jason, "I think this is the first time I have sat down all weekend, just to relax." I had been sitting down every chance I got, and instead this weekend I had gotten so much accomplished around the house, played with the girls, been a decent wife to spend time with, (no moping around!) and for the first time in a while, I felt productive! That's when I realized that there is something to this Advocare stuff! During my 24 day challenge I lost 6 lbs, and lots of inches. I regret not measuring but I can say I was wearing maternity pants when I started, and by the end I was back in my regular clothes. I am now wearing ALL regular clothes and have packed up the maternity stuff, and am currently down 9 lbs. (in 6 weeks) I have more to lose, but now I have hope through Advocare for not only loosing the weight, but doing it the healthy way. My energy level has never been better. NEVER. I recently came home from work and cleaned windows. CLEANED MY WINDOWS! I didn't do that when I had no children, and was 5 years younger! The difference in the way I feel is truly indescribable. You have to feel it for yourself.

I love the products so much, that I started talking to Jason about selling Advocare before my challenge was even over. I did not have to say much at all before he agreed that it was a good idea. Jason did not need me to explain why I was interested in selling, he had seen the change in me in the few short weeks I had been on Advocare. During that time he himself had tried the energy drink (Spark) and even he loved it. He now prefers Spark over coffee, or any other energy drink (and trust me, he has tried them all!). He has looked at the ingredients in the Advocare products and he assures me that they are top notch. He is excited to be started on the products as well! He is not interested in the 24 Day Challenge, but he can greatly benefit from lots of their products as well, aside from the challenge.

My goal is to share what I have found with other people who could be feeling like I was 6 weeks ago, and let others benefit the way I have! Check out this video to see a few examples of before and after Advocare pictures. My own before and after pictures are coming soon!

I am looking for 6 couples, or 12 individuals to take on this 24 Day Challenge and jump start their health goals for the Summer. If you are interested in doing this, let me know! I would LOVE to get you started!

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