Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 months!

Paisley is officially 3 months old now and doing wonderful! She has become more alert everyday during her wake times, and overall is just a much happier baby. Mom always told me that when 3 months comes around, we may be surprised at how much better she suddenly is, and Mom was right! Here is what our Little Miss is up to these days.
  • Eats every 3 hours during the day, followed by a 45min - 1 hour "wake time", then a nap until the next feeding time.

  • Spends her wake times in her pack and play playing for some of the time by herself, in her bouncer, on her play mat, and we are starting to try the "pod" seat, or just hanging out with Mom and Dad.

  • Still loves the Moby wrap, and gets some of her best daytime sleep there. I have been grocery shopping with her in it so I can use the full basket of the buggy, and we have gone walking a few times using it instead of the stroller when she has been more on the fussy side. If you are ever looking for a baby carrier, I HIGHLY recommend this one. It's fabulous!

  • Starting to like her swing more and more (can I get an AMEN?). She even falls asleep in in now for naps, which is a first for Paisley. Have you ever noticed that any sleeping pictures of Paisley that you've ever seen have been with one of us holding her? Yeah, well, that's because she wouldn't sleep any other way. :) Until now! We discovered this when Popa Ron and Gigi came in for the weekend, and I came downstairs after a shower and Paisley was swinging away in her swing, happy as can be. I noticed she was going really high, but she liked it, so great. Jason and I had been putting her in there on a 3 or maybe 4, well, Gigi had put her in on a 6! Paisley prefers the roller-coaster setting! So now, I put her in there about nap time on 6, and she will go to sleep on her own for about 30 minutes. Still not great, but MUCH IMPROVED!

  • This may be more of a 4-month thing, since the first night actually happened on her 3 month birthday, but I will go ahead and share it now. I was a Babies R Us on Saturday with Paisley, and saw a rocker/bassinet that had an incline for a basket. It's called a "Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper". Well, at this point I will try about anything and it was only $49.99, and i had a 20% off coupon, so I bought it. That night, Paisley slept 4 straight hours in it, which is great for her! The next night, we did her whole bedtime routine, (which is eat (breastfeed) bath, play, swaddle, sleep a while, then get a bottle of formula) and she went down for the first time about 9:00, woke up at 10:30 and got her bottle, then slept until 4:30am! Holy cow! That's for sure a first! She has slept for at least a 4 hour stretch every night since we bought it. SLEEP-What a wonderful thing!
  • She is also "talking" a tone more, saying lots of vowel sounds now. She is even making a new razzy sounds, and it's so adorable.
  • She will not like that I said this one day, but another thing that has changed in the past week or so (since she has been so much happier) is that she has gone from having 1 messy diaper every 2-3 days, to now having 2-3 messy diapers PER DAY. We were a bit concerned about her only having 1 every 2-3 days, but the pediatrician said it was uncommon for a breastfed baby, but fine. Maybe that was not fine for her after all. I guess you never know, every baby is different. I am just so thankful she is getting straightened out.

Thanks for checking our blog! Hopefully soon I will start putting videos on so you can see Little Miss in action. I want to catch her "talking". So sweet!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I stole this from a blogger friend, and thought what a great idea, naming all the things that make you "happy!". Here are a few of my favorite things...
  • Open windows

  • Morning coffee (and not the kind with Coconut milk, the kind with REAL creamer, dairy and all!)

  • The "Welcome to Tenneessee" sign as the cross the line on the way home, nothing like it.

  • Jason in his glasses. Something about that I have always loved. :)

  • Paisley's coo's. She's just starting, but it's one of the most precious sounds.

  • A freshly dry-cleaned crisp white shirt.

  • Freshly painted finger nails/toe nails.

  • The first time I smell fresh cut grass every Spring.

  • College Game Day on TV on a cool Fall morning.

  • Gold Canyon Candles

  • Daisies.

  • Big hairbows on my sweet little girl

  • Best friends, the kind you've had since 8th grade, and 10th grade. (wink wink)

  • The sound of the garage door opening when Jason gets home

  • Jazzercise

  • Sprite Zero
  • Ugg boots

  • Interstate 75 South-bound!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2 months old

It's so hard for us to to believe, but our little Princess Paisley is 2 months old! She is growing and changing everyday, and we love it, but it is also bittersweet. We can't wait to show her this world, but are so sad that she won't stay little long.

This month we hurdled some pretty big issues, as we found out Paisley is allergic to dairy, and most likely soy. That explains the major fussiness she had the first 7 weeks of her life. I really think the poor child cried for nearly 7 weeks straight. We found out she was allergic at about 5 weeks old, and it took about 3 weeks for her to heal, and for me to get all dairy out of my system. Now she is a different baby! Here are some of the things she brightens our day with now at 2 months old:
  • Smiles at the sight of Momma and Daddy at times.

  • Smiles and "talks" at family and friends.

  • Says "Ah goo".

  • Rolls over from belly to back. (She's done it 4 times!)

  • Spends much of her wake-time on a blanket on the floor (who needs a $60 play mat when you have a good blanket and a light above?)

  • Loves to be held, and sleeps best on her belly laying on Momma or Daddy. (We limit that time though)

  • Seemingly looks at the pictures while we read her a story at night before bed.

  • Tips the scales at 10.5 lbs!

She is starting to tolerate headbands much better and I put one on her with the biggest bow I can find every chance I get! She is just adorable in them I must say! We have started going out this month, too and here are a few places she has been.

  • First trip out was with Momma to "Hop, Skip, & Jump" a Children Boutique. (OF COURSE!)

  • She has been out to eat several times now, and has always been great at restaurants. I think the louder they are, the better she sleeps.

  • She has been to church 3 times now, and last Sunday she made it through the whole service without having to be taken out.

  • Momma and Pais have been on several trips to walk at the mall, and taken a few walks outside now.

  • Paisley has even made it to Tennessee to see family. What a wonderful, whirl-wind of a trip!

This month Paisley also started taking a bottle of formula at her 8:00 feeding. We thought it might help her sleep better, and we wanted her to be use to the taste of the formula in case this no dairy/soy diet I am on proves to be too much to handle. When we found out about the allergies, we decided to try to get her through flu season and/or to 3 months old. She indeed has been sleeping a bit better after the bottle, sometimes until 2:30am, which is amazing! We know she will continue to get better everyday, and we are SO looking forward to sleeping through the night!

Enjoy the picture from Paisley's 2nd month. Thanks for checking our blog!