Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boonshoft Museum

We recently found a great Children's Museum in Dayton, that I actually knew was there, but thought Paisley was still a bit too young. Further investigation told me that she was a great age to start taking! And that she is. In fact, I wish we would have discovered this place in the Winter months! So thankful to know now and have a wonderful place to go on rainy days, cold winter days, or just plain hot days! We even get a great discount since we have a Cincinnati Zoo pass. We love Boonshoft, and we are so thankful for great friends to find and enjoy places like this with!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Petting Zoo Fun

So Paisley and I are addicted to the Cincinnati Zoo. We bought a pass this year and I think it is the best money spent! (Maybe I love it as much as she does) Nothing fascinates her more than animals these days, well, her whole life! :) And she gets it honest. My Mom use to say I reminded her of Fern from Charlotte's Web. We have such a great time at the zoo! We plan to go lots of times this summer, and through out the year! As you can see, I think the petting zoo was the highlight our last visit.

Mother's Day

Paisley and I had a wonderful Mother's Day together this year. Fortunately, Jason was able to go to church with us, but unfortunately, he was called in as we were trying to find a place to eat lunch. :/ Oh well, I am really glad he was able to go to church! That explains the one bad picture that P and I got together! It was taken sitting on the dining room table :)

That night for dinner, we (Jason, too!) took a picnic to a local park and had a quiet dinner and afterwards Paisley played and played at the playground, especially loving the "YYYIDE!" as usual. So thankful to be here Momma this Mother's Day!


Paisley had a fun time painting birdhouses with Kaitlyn a few weeks ago. She's going to be quite the artist as she was very determined to dip the brush in every color, and painted each side pretty well for a 16m old! Another sign she's going to be artsy is the fact that she cries to color! She called it "purple" for the longest time and I didn't know what she wanted, but we finally figured out that she was pointing to paper and wanted to color. She now goes to where her crayons and paper are, and says "color!" or sometimes even "purple, yellow!"

We love the Zoo!

Her mouth falls OPEN when she sees an animal!


We had a fun day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Deer Park

We had a great time at Deer Park when we were home a few weeks ago! Thanks to Grammy, Papaw, and Erin for playing with Little Miss P! She had a blast!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baked Ziti!

She ate 2 bowls full! LOOOOOOVED it!

Easter Cookies

We cut a few corners with our first cookie making experience, but had lots of fun and P enjoyed every minute. Here she is throughout the process...

Putting the cookies on the pan.

Sneaking in a little bite :)

Watching them bake!

Her usual hanging on the door

And finally, enjoying the final product.