Thursday, March 24, 2011

More 1 Year Pics

Paisley's One Year Pictures

Next up will be her 18 month pictures. I plan for Jason and I to get in a few of those, too. Maybe even Tyke! We have such an awesome photographer that I look forward to these shoots!

Animal sounds by P :)

Paisley now knows ALL her animal sounds! Here are a few I caught with my phone one morning at breakfast. She knows cow, duck, pig, horse, rooster, cat, bird, dog, frog, lion, elephant, and even monkey! She even says "oooo,oooo" for owl. Cracks me up with these sounds! Maybe I can get a few more soon and post them too. What a mess she is!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Tuesday

We made a Mardi Gras mask for Fat Tuesday! Well, we tried anyway. :) I just knew Paisley would love it especially when it was done, but she wasn't a big fan. She wanted the feathers, and to chew on the straw! It is now hanging proudly in the fridge.

Yeee Haw!

Just playing with Daddy's cowboy hat!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Last week was Dr. Seuss' birthday so I brought a project home from school to do with Paisley. I cut out all the pieces, and uses a purple glue stick to make dots and told her where to put the shapes to make the face, whiskers, and bow tie. It turned out pretty cute!

Photo Shoot!

What a photo opportunity! Paisley was stylin' in her skinny jeans, Uggs, new shirt, and hair bow. We had to take pictures! My best friend made this shirt for us after I saw the quote and thought it fit us perfectly, and another friend made the giant bow to match. Thanks Chrystal and Lindsay!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Playing Outside

Last weekend, it was much warmer than usual, so we decided to take Paisley out in the backyard and get some fresh air. (Please pay no attention to the fact she looks like an orphan in these pictures... I promise we did not go into public like this!)

We took out her ball, and some bubbles, and we had a great time. Afterwards, we loaded her in the wagon, along with Tyke, and took a short walk. Tyke wasn't feeling up for walking, (that's another blog!) so he rode along with P. She LOVES her wagon!


"Yes, Momma. I LOVE strawberry flavored milk!" -Paisley


Open, close, open, close! Paisley loves to play peek-a-boo by going in the laundry room and closing, then opening up the door over and over again. Here she is in action!

Toddler Wranglin'

What does it take to get a picture with a certain busy 1 year old?!? NOT gonna happen!

Valentine's Day

Here are a few pictures of Paisley on Valentine's Day. We had a great day!