Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Been a While!

Wow, me? Blogging? Needless to say, it has been a CRAZY past few months, and blogging has been the least of my concerns, however, life *seems* to be settling a bit and maybe, just maybe I could fit this in every now and then again.  I love going back and reading things that we have done, updates, etc, so I really want to try to get back to it asap!  (I type this as Adelyn is waking up from her nap...we'll see how this goes!)

Noticing that I haven't really posted since September, I almost wanted to do an overall update of our past 5 months, but who am I kidding, that would take forever and may never get done, so I am going to start fresh.  Here are the most recent pictures of our sweet girls, and a few of Jason and I, too :)

Jason and I have been super busy with him working sooooo much, and me taking care of 2 kiddos.  Thankfully, this *should* be the last stretch of long exhausting hours for Jason, although he will always work lots of hours, this point is residency is supposedly the final bump before things slow down a little.  In July he will be a 4th year resident, in a 5 year program, so we are working our way up!  Counting down to being back home with our family and friends.  Oh, the day we move home will be the best day in my life, aside from having my girls and our wedding day!

I went back to work in February, when Adelyn was 8 weeks old.  I am really enjoying it actually.  It is only 9-1, M,T,W, so it's a nice change of scenery for me and the girls.  We have the most wonderful sitter in the world so I have no worries about them when they are there.  That is the reason is was really not a hard adjustment for me to go back.  I love it!  I often have more energy after working that morning than I do the days I am home with the girls all day. :)  Being a full-time stay at home Mom is the hardest job, I honestly couldn't do it.  THAT is why I work :) 

I am hoping to do better about keeping everyone up to date, and creating a spot where I can post pictures/stories, etc from this time in our lives so that one day I can come back and reminisce.  A virtual baby book, if you will, but also a memory book of our time in residency.  We have a photo album of our time in Medical School, and I LOVE to go back and see those pictures, so hoping this could turn out in a similar way.  We'll see if I can keep it up!

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