Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paisley's First Haircut!

Maybe I should say "trim" :)  it was barely that!  She did an amazing job sitting still, and Michon did an amazing job cutting it!  I had a sucker all ready to pull out, but we didn't even have to resort to that.  She was a little wiggly, but nothing like I thought she would be.  I sorta hated to get her hair trimmed, but it was looking kind of bad at the ends, and was starting to look pretty stringy.  This little trim helped a ton with both issues.  Here are some pictures from the big event! :)

Where Did the Month Go?

It's been a while since my last post, and with good reason, we have been SUPER BUSY!  I have lots of pictures to upload, and plan to do several separate posts soon, but for now, here's a quick update...

In the past month, I have started back to school, teaching 3 full days instead of the 3 half days I have done since Paisley was born.  So far, so good!  I actually really enjoy it.  I miss Paisley, but love my time teaching, and still get home to her by around 3:30 everyday, and have Thursday-Sunday completely off with her.  I feel like I am getting the best of both worlds!  I am still doing Kindergarten in the afternoon, and now Pre-School in the morning.  Didn't know how I would do with 3 yr olds, but they are *great!*  Such a sweet group, so that makes my job much easier. :)  Especially 7 months pregnant!  Speaking of pregnant, I am now almost 29 weeks along, with 10 weeks left to go.  This pregnancy is starting to kick my tail a bit, as I don't get much down time chasing a near 2 year old, but other than that, all is good.  My feet and ribs think I am in my 9th month :)  Paisley is starting to really pay more attention to my belly (How could you not?) and it's really sweet.  She has even felt sister kick twice now, and both times seemed very surprised by what she felt!  I had my Glucose tolerance test this week, and had another ultrasound 2 weeks ago.  Little miss looked great, weighing in at 2 lbs 1 oz, measuring in the 35th percentile.  Which is great compared to paisley at this point, who was always below the 10th %.  So the best news, NO NON STRESS TESTS FOR US!!  I had them twice a week for 11 weeks with Paisley!  And ultrasounds every month, then every 2 weeks towards the end.  I don't even have to get another ultrasound until 34 weeks.  Big change from being hooked to a  monitor 3 hours a week.  GREAT NEWS!

We still don't have a name set in stone for this baby girl.  We had a boy name ready to go, but nothing really for a girl.  I pretty much got out our list from when we were naming Paisley, and those are still the names we love.  Hopefully soon we will get something nailed down. This planner wants to know her baby's name, and I want Paisley to know, too!  At this point, we are planning a scheduled c-section on December 12th.  Looks like another Christmas in Ohio for the Spangler's!

Jason is doing well these days, too.  Busy, busy, as usual, but this month seems to be a little better stress wise, which is funny because he is doing Orthopedic Trauma. :)  I guess it's less HOMEwork, so he can actually relax a little in the evenings.  The call is crazy busy, but that's to be expected I guess with Trauma in a big city. (Indianapolis)  We are so looking forward to spending some time with him this weekend, as he has part of the day Saturday off, and all day Sunday! Wahoooo!

Paisley has had a crazy busy month as well as her Momma and Daddy.  She has gone through a lot of big changes with Daddy being gone, and me going back to school, and she to a babysitter 3 full days.  She has had some major separation anxiety set in, mostly happening at nighttime, that we are BOTH dealing with one day at a time!  She was going to a new sitter a couple of days a week, then we were so blessed to have Carrie (her sitter since 10 weeks old!) offer to keep her all 3 days.  She LOVES Carrie like family, and Jason and I love her too!  She is truly an enormous blessing to us here in Ohio!  Now that P is going there all 3 days, she seems to be doing better, but still having a hard time at nighttime.  She wants me to stay in the room until she falls asleep, (we have always put her down awake), and the main issue is, if she wakes up in the night, she wants me to come back in her room until she goes BACK to sleep.  Last night it was twice.  NOT. FUN.  This preggo Momma needs her sleep more than ever right now!  I try letting her cry,and she will be awake for more than 2 hrs calling for me, and attempting to climb out of her crib.  Oh boy, hopefully this phase will pass quickly!  Otherwise, she is doing very well and growing and learning every day!  She surprises me with the things she says and knows!  Such a sweet and smart girl! 

Keep checking back for more updates and some PICTURES!  Thanks for checking in on us!