Monday, June 20, 2011

Ready for a Surprise??

We weren't!

Surprise really isn't the appropriate word... That's a major understatement! Paisley will be almost 2 when the new baby is born, so that will be a great age difference. OUR plan was for Paisley be be 4ish, but apparently God's plan was much different! I heard Oprah say this on a recent show and decided that it will be painted on a canvas and placed in the new baby's room...

"God can dream a bigger plan for you then you can dream for yourself."

This was indeed God's plan for our family. I won't go into details, but know that I have had 3 Dr.'s tell me they have never seen anyone become pregnant using the precaution we had chosen. That's right, we're making the history books with this one! On top of being told I was expecting when I had no idea it was possible! (The odds are 3 in 1000, by the way), I also had to start taking my blood thinner shots right away. THAT was something I was not quite ready for again! But, just like last time with Paisley, it has become a very easy part of my day. At this point I can say, regardless of the past few weeks, I am feeling really good! Morning sickness has passed for the most part, and my energy level has increased dramatically from what it was a few weeks ago! It is a new world being pregnant while chasing a toddler! Now I feel like my old self again, as long as I don't look anywhere near my mid-section. :)

As of today, I am 14 weeks along, due December 19th. Paisley is going to be a great big sister, and will love having a baby around. She is already fascinated by any baby she sees. I know the first year (especially) will be difficult, but thank goodness Jason will be around more, having completed his 2nd year. And truthfully, who wouldn't want another one of these...

Yes please, we will take it!

HHI (Part 3)

HHI (Part 2)

We love HHI

Paisley loves the beach!

Just a few beach pictures from our rather large album!

Pool Fun!

She wasn't sure about it at first, but now she loves her little hippo pool! Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is a video I took when we were at the beach. Paisley wore herself out everyday and could barely stay awake during lunch, then when down for a nap. She had an absolute blast! This video shows her eating, and dozing! So pitiful, and precious at the same time!

Sunday Afternoon Photo Shoot

We regularly have a mini shoot shoot after church, and this day was no different! She looked so cute in her pink and with the new rose blooms, and sun shining, it made pictures turn out even better than usual. Enjoy!