Sunday, May 30, 2010

5 months

Paisley is now 5 months old and more active than EVER! In fact, we are having trouble with naps and bedtime because she doesn't want to slow down enough to rest. She has been napping wonderfully in her swing, but now she is kicking (hard I might add) for a good 45 minutes to an hour before falling asleep, and sometimes she doesn't go to sleep. I have seen her with both eyes closed, still kicking one leg, trying to fight to stay awake! Cute-yes, but makes for a no fun rest of the day with an exhausted baby girl. This week she has gotten a bit better, and is actually sleeping soundly in her swing now. I have to remember that it's a phase! She has had a GREAT month and here are a few things she's up to these days.

  • P had her firsts bites of solids this month and truly LOVES here cereal! If some drops on her tray, she so puts her head down and licks it up (still working on our table manners).

  • loves her car-walker. Probably her favorite thing. She strolls all around the kitchen in it, honking and playing the music. She also likes to take the car part off and use the tray for toys.

  • Still rolling like a mad lady as you saw in our last post. She wakes up rolling, rolls on her changing table, trys to roll in her swing, she loves her new skill!

  • Found her feet, and has accomplished her goal of getting that big toe in her mouth! She tried for days :)

  • Picks up her pacifier and put it in her mouth by herself most of the time.

  • Reaches for toys, and people. (and Tyke, who's not so sure about that yet)

  • And our most favorite accomplishment of the month....she is now sleeping in her crib! YAAAYYY!! We have regressed a bit on how many times per night I am getting up to help her find her paci, feed her, etc, but I think that comes with learning the new skill of rolling over, and playing. SHe rolls all over her crib, then gets mad, can't find her paci, etc. Usually, I can go in and help her out, not pick her up, and go back to bed. Most nights she does pretty well though. We start bedtime routine at 8:00, and she is usually in her crib sleeping by 9:00. I want to start moving that up a bit though, to eventually have her in bed by 8:00.

In June, Paisley will be taking her first trip on an airplane to meet everyone in Virginia, and visit my old school, going to the beach for vacation, and spending a few extra days in TN with family and friends. We are looking forward to our next month of summer adventures!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where did she go?

Last night I was getting ready to feed Paisley her cereal, and needed to visit the ladies room for a second before doing that, so I laid her on the floor on her play mat, which we keep right beside her pack and play when it's not being used. I knew I would only be a minute, so I didn't bother moving it out into the open floor. Here's what I found when I walked out of the bathroom...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mmm, Mmm, Good!

Paisley had her first bite of solids on May 4th. I hoped to get some video to go with this post and the last with the car walker, but let's face it, I am lucky to find time to get pictures on here! She LOVES her cereal every night, and will soon be getting some in the morning as well. I think she is starting to fill out a bit more since she has started it. She anxiously awaits every bite, and I have to "speed feed" her (as Jason calls it) to keep her happy! I can't wait to see how she does with veggies next month!


Paisley tried out her pink walker/jumper for the first time last week and loved it! She did not know which way to look, and as you can see from the picture above, she was very excited to get exploring! She is still a bit small to use it to jump or walk, but she likes to sit in it and play with the mirrors and steering wheel. I can't wait to see Little Miss walking down the sidewalk in the walker. How cute will that be?!? Thanks Papaw for the cool ride!

4 month birthday!

Our sweet Paisley girl is now 4 months old are we are absolutely in love with her! She is the most precious gift we could have ever received and we are so proud to be her parents! This month she has had many firsts, and here are a few of them, and other things she has been up to lately.
  • Paisley now fluently rolls back to belly, and belly to back. In fact, if she's really in the mood, if you put her on one side of the room, she will end up on the other side from rolling and rolling. :)
  • was dedicated at our home church on Sunday, April 25th, but sadly we have no pictures as the pictures that were taken turned out really dark. We do, however, have a pretty good video.
  • Goes to "Ms. Carrie's House" Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, of every week from 12:00-3:15 while I go to work. She seems to enjoy it, as she smiles at Carrie when we get there. I'm sure she enjoys seeing someone other than her crazy Momma and Daddy once in a while!
  • Started going to the nursery at church, and is practically a celebrity there. :)
  • laughs a lot more now, especially at her completely crazy Momma and her goof ball faces.
  • weighed 11 lbs, 13 oz, and was 24 inches long on her 4 month check up day. 25th percentile for both. She got 3 shots, and cried for about 30 seconds, then settled right back down. She's a trooper!
  • Gets a bath about 8:30, then goes to sleep until about 10-11, has a bottle of formula, and is sleeping until about 4:00am on average, although blessed us with sleep until 5:15 one morning. I cleaned the entire house that day with all that energy from sleeping.

Here are a few pictures from Paisley's past month.