Friday, July 17, 2009


It certainly doesn't seem like it, but Jason, Tyke, and I have been living in Ohio for a month now. Boy that's a sentence I never thought I would say! I have always enjoyed Ohio, just being the southern girl I am, never thought I would live here. Speaking of the southern girl I am, I can't say ANYTHING without someone looking at me funny and asking "Where are you from?". I mean really, 1-2 sentences, and they are asking me. I was at Target one day and walked up to the snack counter and said "I would like a small, cherry, icee." (Blame it on the pregnancy, I never liked them before) The guy looked at me and said "You're not from around here are you" I said 7 words!! Geez! I just hope they are thinking that I'm a southern bell and not a hillbilly!

We are getting settled in. We still don't have much hanging on the walls yet. I just feel like it's such a commitment. Once you put a whole in the wall, there's no moving it! I lay pictures out and move them around. I will have to make a decision soon, and stick with it! We have been pretty successful at growing grass, which was luck I'm sure. Although Jason has quiet the green thumb, I am beginning to think he could grow anything. We had sod, so we didn't have to start from seeds, but it's still been a lot of work just to keep it watered the appropriate amount. Jason has been working for over 2 weeks now, and got his first paycheck yesterday!! YAY!! So proud of him. He has earned every penny. He worked a 24 hour shift on the 4th of July, and has to work another tomorrow, and I know he dreading it. I just can't imagine going in at 7am, an not getting off until the next morning at 7am. We are hoping he can get some sleep tomorrow when he's not busy. Last time, he slept zero.

The baby is growing fast and so is my belly! I love it, but it is frustrating not having anything to wear! I have bought 2 pairs of maternity capri's, and they have been my lifesavers. Still a little big, but there's no wearing the old clothes. It's stretchy waist bands or maternity pants at this point. We had an ultrasound on Wednesday, and got to see it again. It had been about 6 weeks, and it has changed so much! It was kicking and stretching, you could see hands and feet, and we tried to see if it was a boy or a girl, but it was a bit too soon to tell and the tech couldn't get a good angle. He said if he had to guess at this point, he would say boy, but don't take his word for it. He saw a little something there, but it could have been the cord. SOOOOO, I guess it's still 50/50. :) I go to the doc again on the 30th, then I will get to have the big ultrasound about 2 weeks later and maybe then we can see for sure!

I went home for the 4th of July and Tyke joined me on my first venture home from Ohio. It's about 5.5 hours, compared to the 4.5 hours it was from Virginia. That last hour makes a difference, let me tell ya! Tyke's not much company since he sleeps most of the way :) I had put my bags in the back seat, and at one point I looked back there and Tyke was in my bag, sleeping. It was too cute! Here's a couple pictures of him I snapped with my phone. What a cutie!