Monday, June 15, 2009

Just "Plum" Cute!

I never made an official announcement on our blog, but Jason and I have great news! We are expecting a baby! It is due January 3rd, and at this time he/she is the size of a plum. Here is a picture of our new reason to smile!

We are currently sorta homeless I guess since we moved out of our place in Virginia yesterday, and don't close on our new house in Ohio until tomorrow. Jason and I have laughed saying we have never been homeless before! We will be proud new home-owners tomorrow! We are super excited to get in and get semi-settled. We have family helping all week, so we are very blessed by that. Have a great week and I will post pictures sometime soon of our new place!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catching Up

Jason and our nephews, Carson and Taylor after graduation. Aren't they the cutest!

I am really bad about not updating this the way I should, but I must say, usually our months are pretty uneventful. This past month, however, has been the opposite! Since I last blogged, we have gone on vacation, Jason has graduated from Medical School, (Wow!!) and our house has been completed. Not to mention, the packing, packing, and more packing that we have done to get ready for the move.

For vacation this year, we were planning on going to Hawaii, but a turn of events with the house, and essentially the down-payment, kept us from doing that. We got a wild hair one Sunday afternoon, and decided to look around for a vacation. We both have always wanted to go to California, so we checked on flights out there. with our frequent flyer miles, we could get out there for dirt cheap, but what would we do once we got there. We decided to look at cruises. We ended up finding a cruise out of the LA area, going to Catalina Island, and Ensenada Mexico, and booked it that same day! That week, the swine flu broke out, so they canceled the Ensenada stop, but we still had a great time! We took the day before the cruise and toured the LA area. It was a blast!

Next came graduation. What a wonderful week! We got to spend time with our "VCOM Family" and later that week with our actual families. We haven't had a visitor to our house in a long time, so it was nice to have everyone up. The week before was full of events to get everyone together. On Wednesday night, there was a class party at a local restaurant. Thursday night was the Awards Banquet, (so fun, we all got to dress up!) Friday afternoon was a huge family picnic with food, games, music, ect. And Saturday morning was the best of all...Graduation! I love that they announced Jason as Dr. Spangler!

Finally, we got the last batch of pictures from our house. They are now just putting the finishing touches on it, cleaning, landscaping, etc. We are suppose to close on June 16th. Getting ready for closing is a bit stressful. They need so much documentation, and being so far away, it's an event to get it to them. But I guess anything worth while is work! It will be great in a few weeks. We are so excited!