Monday, July 18, 2011

Enough for a Ponytail!

It has been SOOOO HOT lately and I have thought many times how Paisley's hair must be bothering her on her neck, so last week, I finally tried the ponytail!  It's not much of one, but adorable just the same!  The only thing is, she looks like such a bog girl with her hair up.  It's almost shocking!  Daddy's not a big fan, and maybe that's why... :)  Here's our girl and her PONYTAIL!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Half-Way to TWO!

Oh, how time has FLOWN this year!  Today is our sweet Paisley's 18th "mirthday".   Half-way to 2 years old!  With her birthday falling right at Christmastime, and the poor child getting all her gifts within days of each other, I have many times thought about doing her a big "half-birthday" party, and a *small cake and ice cream only* type real birthday party, but this year it looks like it won't be happening again!  Maybe sometime down the road we will start doing that for her.

Paisley is doing great, and is a very happy child.  She is progressing well developmentally, and we even got her a potty this weekend to start the training process.  I know she is still quite young at this point, but she has shown interest, and had many signs of readiness.  Although, I think she lacks the ability to sit still long enough to pee in a potty!  We'll get there, sooner than later I predict. :)  By Christmas would be ideal!

Paisley is still a climbing monkey girl, and I have grown eyes in the back of my head trying to keep her from visiting the ER at some point in her near future. She has no fear of heights, in fact, she has a thrill of heights!  The higher she can get, the better!  I was like that as a child, so she gets it honest.  She loves to visit local parks and playgrounds, with her favorite still being the "Yide!", although she has recently opened up to swinging again. For a while she wasn't a fan.  Her favorite thing to do is probably visit the Cincinnati Zoo. Animals are her thing, so she enjoys everything she sees at the zoo, especially the petting zoo area.  She also loves a local children's museum, where she can run, play, and explore things just her size.  Other than those things, she also loves having play dates with her BFF Kaityln, visiting family (or when family come to visit us) and just plain being outside.  Inside, she loves to draw, paint, build with blocks, and heaven knows, play with her babies!  She usually has Bitty Baby, and at least one other, usually two others nearby.  She is so sweet to them, singing them songs, feeding them, giving them her milk, etc.  She even tries to change their diapers. :)  She doesn't understand the whole "gentle" concept yet, which is pretty funny to us.  One second she is rocking and singing to the baby, the next second she may throw it on it's head on the hardwood to get one of the others!  Adorable!

She is surprising us all the time with things she says, (nothing's off limits at this point) and things that she knows.  She now can identify a circle, triangle, oval, and sometimes a square.  She knows the colors purple, yellow, and most of the time blue and pink.  Recently she and I were watching a rabbit in the backyard, and I turned away as she continued to watch. A few seconds later she started saying "two!, two!".  I looked outside, not knowing what she meant at first, and saw that another rabbit had come into the yard to join the first rabbit. She saw TWO rabbits!  What?!?!  She has the ability to communicate just about anything she wants to, which is great for her and I, as it lessens the getting upset when I know what she wants/needs.  Her ability to count aloud starts with 5, 6,8,9,10!  We somehow skipped the whole 1-5 part. :)

Size-wise, Paisley is still a bit on the shrimpy side, but is bigger than she's ever been.  She weighs 21 lbs, and is 31 in long.  Putting her in the 10th-20th% for weight and almost 50th% for height. Grow, Paisley grow!

She is such an amazing child, and I know I speak for Jason and myself when I say, we are blessed beyond words to be her parents.  She is truly our little angel!