Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Videos!

Below is a video of Paisley lounging around, clearly, right before nap time. :) This video also shows her using her much loved "lip stuff". She already has a chap stick obsession just like her Momma. If she sees me putting chap stick or lipstick on, she comes over motioning her lips for me to put some on her. This video *also* shows a quite messy house, in the middle of a Paisley tornado, so please don't look too closely. :)

This next video is of Jason and Paisley, with her signing some and talking. We LOVE that she can communicate with us now!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our house, the Igloo

Just had to share these pictures of our windows, COATED with ice, during last week's ice storm. It was unlike any ice storm I have ever seen. We could not see out the windows because the ice was so thick, and if you opened the door to look out, small trees were bent completely over, top branches touching the ground, and a complete glaze of ice on top of the snow that was already there. Quite dangerous, indeed. We stayed inside for 2 days, and prayed we wouldn't loose power. Praise the Lord, we didn't. What a Winter we have had here in Ohio this year!

Wrapping Paper is Fun!

Just a regular day in the life of Paisley. :) Having fun, being carefree, and exploring everything she can! LOVE this girl!

A Morning Playdate

On Friday, Paisley's friend Kaitlyn came to play while her Momma went to an appointment. Paisley and Kaitlyn are what Lacey and I call "forced best friends". They have been getting together since they were born, really I think Lacey brought Kaitlyn over when Paisley was 1 week old. Our play dates, then, consisted of changing diapers, breastfeeding, and holding the girls while they slept. Now, the chase is on! They are only 12 days apart, so they are just perfect playmates. We love our play dates with them!

The Coaster...

I recently got out an old plastic coaster and put it on the coffee table where Paisley usually sits her drink. I showed her how to use it (just for kicks, really) and she has become an avid coaster user! She gets that from her Daddy :) She almost always uses it on the table, and has started carrying it around with her when she has a drink. Even putting it down on the floor, to sit her sippy cup on. Oh boy, we may have another clean freak on our hands... Here are a few pictures.