Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Happening...

Our friends are starting to move away, officially. When we came to Christiansburg, we didn't know a sole. AND, we didn't know anything about the area. I didn't have a job in the beginning, and no friends, no job, equals trouble! I remember sitting at my new home thinking I should get out and go somewhere because I was so so bored, and Jason was at school. The only problem was, I didn't know my way to town! It was pretty depressing! All that said, after a few days, VCOM hosted a picnic for new students and their families. I went, (thanks to good directions!) and stood outside the classroom doors alone, beside another wife who was also alone. We stood in silence a bit, and she decided to say hello. I was so glad she did because we hit it off great. We talked a while, and when the classroom doors opened, believe it or not, out of 140 some students, our husbands walked out talking! It was definitely a God thing. Since then, we, and 2 other couples who have stories of how we met as well, have been like family for each other. We have made some unbelievable friends in addition to our "VCOM family" but these guys are the originals. Almost a year ago, 2 of my closest friends here moved away, and that of course stunk. One of them I haven't seen in over a year, and the other I keep in touch with from time to time. KJ and Michelle, the first people we met here in Christiansburg, moved away 2 weeks ago. (To PA) Derek and Tiffany are out of town for the month, and moving when they get back. (to WA state) and Sonya and Aaron, who Jason and I call some of the best people we have ever known, are moving at the first of May( to TN). We will miss everyone SO SO much! We are planning on getting together in a year for a vacation to catch up, and maybe every 5 years after that. Here is a picture of our "family" our first Christmas here, and a picture from our VCOM Farewell Party a few weeks ago. I love you VCOM family and will miss you guys!

Notice the kids that have came along since we all met!

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  1. Finishing up school and starting Residency is such an exciting time but it's also a very sad time...time to say "good bye" (for a little while anyways) to good friends who have helped you through "the trenches" during the last 4 years (I'm tearing up just thinking back). Be encouraged, though, that although you will be spread out across the country, the internet/blogging can keep you close (it's worked well for us thus far--but by no means a replacement for meeting up in person).

    I can't believe you guys only have 1 month and some change until you're sitting where we were just one year ago...oh, how time has flown.