Friday, February 6, 2009

What a week...

We started our week with a day full of food and friends! After church, we went to brunch at Tiffany & Derek's house with the med school gang. We had such a great time, and of course Tiff pulled us out of our comfort zones making us be video-taped with our New Years Resolutions, and a message for Shephard so he can see us when he is older. We had a great time, and later that day, we all met up again. This time at KJ & Michelle's for the Super Bowl. We are so grateful for wonderful friends. We will miss them so much!
We had a weird weather week week with snow, sun, 8 degree mornings, and 60 degree afternoons! We had a 2 hour delay on Tuesday, and Thursday, and didn't go at all on Wednesday. I would usually rather just go on, but I was happy to stay home on Wednesday with no voice. I took a few pictures of Tyke is the snow. (of course!) And I had to add a picture of the Hokie bird and I at school. Hope you enjoy!

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